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"Finally a smart way to split shared costs. I'm using this for all my nights out. Brilliant!"

K. Swensen, Toronto


Who paid what? For whom? How much does Eve owe Tim? But wait, Tim also owes money to John, who in turn owes some to Eve... but doesn't she owe something to John also? *#%$!?

Simple - Just enter who paid what and let PotSplitter do the rest.
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PotSplitter is the world's first tool to find the optimal way to divvy up shared costs. Developed by researchers and mathematicians at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, it reliably calculates the best way of who should pay back who - GUARANTEED! Enter who paid what, click submit, and PotSplitter will calculate the optimal way to settle all debts - all in 3 minutes or less!

PotSplitter : presentation : 1 - real-world is complicated :-)

1. Know who paid what

PotSplitter : presentation : 2 - collect, organize and view transactions

2. Organize & track

PotSplitter : presentation : 3 - solve the problem!

3. Solve the problem